Truly Untold


"Three best friends reunite at a primary school reunion, revealing old rivalries, old loves and dark secrets are in this intimate comedy drama exploring acceptance, forgiveness and hope."

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Dec 05, 2016 - Amazing to think that only a week ago, we were closing the final chapter of our "Highly Irreverent but Truly Relevant" Trilogy with Truly Untold! A huge thank you to everyone who came to see the show and supported us - you're the reason why we keep producing this crazy stuff! To celebrate, here's a collection of some of our most valued audience comments on the show, and the trilogy!
Nov 27, 2016 - Great last night with some insightful feedback from our audience. Last night tonight... the end of the trilogy. Come and catch it before its gone... forever!
Nov 26, 2016 - Great second night show with a wonderful audience! If you'd like to be part of the "2 Minute Honesty Excercise" come to the show tonight! Its the last one!! BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE:
Nov 25, 2016 - Successful opening night of "Truly Untold" yesterday; a rollercoaster ride for audience, cast & crew alike! Here's what some of our audience thought of the show! On until Nov 26th - don't miss it!
Nov 21, 2016 - He's charming, but has he forgotten how to be honest? Meet Doyen, the bohemian art teacher who is starting to learn that talking the talk isn't quite as good as walking the walk when it comes to true love..... Truly Untold opens this Thursday!!! Grab your tickets at - on from Nov 24th - 26th!
Nov 17, 2016 - Just over a week of rehearsals left to go and we're getting ourselves nice & comfy at The Space! Book your tickets for "Truly Untold" now at! On from Nov 24th - 26th 2016!
Nov 14, 2016 - Meet Kara; a modern day superwoman who has managed to "be a full time mum, her own boss, AND has time to go to the theatre!" Just when she thinks she's found her own brand of "harmonic balance", cupid fires his arrow, and she has to choose between challenge and comfort in the name of something that could be real love.....Only 2 weeks to go until "Truly Untold", on at The Space from Nov 24th - 26th! Book your tickets now!
Nov 08, 2016 - Two weeks left to our show Truly Untold. BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW! Watch the trailer below and go to to book!
Nov 03, 2016 - Meet Asana; she's found career success, but there's no rehearsal for the journey that she now finds herself on.. One of redemption, finding forgiveness, and impending motherhood! "Is this reality all just some grand delusion on an epic scale? I don't know, and I'm terrified to say it out loud, but this may be the closest thing to happy I've ever been...." Is it really possible to have it all? Or is sacrifice inevitable? One of the many questions asked in Truly Untold - on at The Space Theatre from Nov 24th - 26th 2016!
Oct 24, 2016 - Meet Annie... A prodigious, driven lawyer who no longer knows which character she is playing in life... Do we ever really tell the truth about who we are, or do we simply "read the landscape...mimicking what everyone wants to see?" One of the many questions asked in Truly Untold... On at The Space from November 24th - 26th 2016!
Oct 15, 2016 - Another full week of rehearsal and really getting into the detail of our characters.. It turns out they all have quite alot of issues..! ;-) Here's a shot of Asana, Kara & Annie pondering what the meaning of success truly is..
Oct 03, 2016 - We're in the swing of full rehearsals for "Truly Untold" & can't believe it's only a few weeks away! Here's a sneaky peek at Annie, Asana & Kara basking in the beautiful sunset as they ponder what it really means to pursue your inner calling in life....
Sep 16, 2016 - We had a great time at our photoshoot for "Truly Untold"! Special thanks to our ever generous photography partner Azad Yasin, & the lovely Farhana of Hana Makeup for helping us to create the shot of the show for the second year running!
Sep 10, 2016 - We had a great time last night at The Space Autumn launch event and also got to premiere the trailer for our show Truly Untold! Here it is for you! WARNING: It will make you hungry....
Sep 09, 2016 - Getting ready for our photoshoot for Truly Untold... plenty of food to keep us fueled.
Sep 01, 2016 - The Space Autumn Brochure is out! Some great shows to see in the run up to winter, including our show Truly Untold!
Aug 25, 2016 - That time of the afternoon when you need a drink to wake yourself up and ask if anyone else wants one and they all say yes... Doh!
Aug 24, 2016 - Our first look poster for our upcoming play Truly Untold! 14 weeks to go...! - with Kobir Forid, Season Bangla Drama, Rez Kabir, Kayser Foyz and The Space.
Aug 16, 2016 - First workshop with Truly Untold's Kara & Doyen! We also had a couple of extra special VIP's along to give us their creative input!
Aug 10, 2016 - The workshop phase for "Truly Untold" has officially kicked off with our Annie & Asana creating a timeline of their history, memories, and getting stuck in with plenty of improv!
Aug 08, 2016 - Chocolate pastries & coffee... Essential aides to the admin of scheduling actor workshops! Bring on the next few weeks of discovery for the "Truly Untold" team!
Aug 04, 2016 - All set for our first table read tonight for "Truly Untold" - kicking into gear now!
Jul 28, 2016 - Somehow we managed to whittle down hundreds of talented applicants to just 4! Looking forward to recall auditions for "Truly Untold" today, in true Filim, guerilla style (all taking place in the errrr Studio / Green Room / Gym....!)
Jul 27, 2016 - With "Shadow" in it's final stages of post production (soon to be with our favourite sound SME for a final mix!), "Truly Untold" in the essential casting stages (there is so much talent out there!), and a business to run so we can all afford to eat (and pay the Man!), it's all a bit manic here at Filim..! Not that we'd have it any other way, but there's nothing like a little boost to keep us all going through the madness and occasional crisis of faith..... Delighted that our 2015 short film, "Applause" has been accepted into it's 8th festival! Well done and thank you to the wonderful cast and crew who gifted us with their creative energy and made this underdog of a movie a quiet success!
Jul 20, 2016 - Great morning of auditions so far! Really excited by how much talent is out there! And there's plenty of food to get through ??
Jul 19, 2016 - A few (well, maybe ten) croissants, grapes and cherry bakewells later... First day of auditions have concluded! Saw some great talent today! Looking forward to day 2 of auditions tomorrow :-)
Jul 19, 2016 - Copious amounts of goodies at the Filim office this morning... Must be auditions!!!! Can't wait to see today's batch of talent!
Jul 15, 2016 - As we go through the crazy casting process for our third instalment of our trilogy Truly Untold, we got a little nostalgic of last years outing...
Jul 13, 2016 - Deep breath... We've just posted our casting call for "Truly Untold"! Can't wait to find out who the universe sends us for our female led show!
Jul 12, 2016 - So many plates to keep spinning at the moment but somehow they just keep spinning! First pre-production meeting for "Truly Untold" today and a script that promises to be full of our usual blend of drama and comedy! We love this crazy time of year :)
Jul 07, 2016 - What a crazy couple of months we've had at Filim! Amidst a Filim Wedding that was planned in a mere 7 weeks, preparations for Eid celebrations & all the usual day to day madness that comes with keeping the Man paid, we've been getting "Shadow" ready for the final stages of post - production! Off to our composer today for the creation of an amazing OST! And.... We're delighted to announce that we're on for our usual November show at The Space with A Season of Bangla Drama - bring on pre - production! As always. we're kicking off with a concept sketch to get the creative juices flowing for our 2016 stage play, "Truly Untold..."
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