Welcome to our productions page!

Here, you’ll find details of our current projects, as well as projects that we have in our pipeline. So many stories to tell, so little time!

Current Projects

Hitman Inc. (Stage Play)

A dark comedy stage play about a group of contract killers forced by new legislation to work out of an office as salaried assassins. A look at the terraforming landscape of work and how elitist individuals are forced to become a family and overcome the change from the exotic solitary life of a hitman to the mundane humdrum of being a team player. Along the way there will be lies, tax returns, torture, showreels, gun fights, betrayals and social media marketing

Memoriam (Short FIlm)

Dean remembers Natalie. They only just fell in love. He lost her too soon. He’s being helped by Jessie to overcome his loss and move on. Dean keeps regressing to past memories of his time with her. Jessie is trying to get him to face up to his current situation so he can move on. The story of loss and how love goes beyond death.

Deadwall Hotel

Bangladesh’s first feature length horror film follows a group of strangers finding themselves in a hotel with a very eccentric manager and a very dark secret. They have checked in, but will they ever check out?

Titan Crawler

An extra-terrestrial science facility goes offline; a military team enroute to investigate; A bunch of friends on a trip to the forest on a drug fuelled study of the gestalt theory; Modern-day warriors with swords and axes hunting “Crawlers.” The forest is going to get crowded and the bodycount will pile up. A race against time to stop an invasion of a parasitic organism.

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