Hitman Inc. part of a Season of Bangla Drama

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From the people who brought you Highly Unlikely, Always Unfinished and Truly Untold.

We return from a one year hiatus from our ‘irreverent’ trilogy to bring you a dark comedy about a group of contract killers forced by new legislation to work as salaried assassins out of an office.

A look at the terraforming landscape of work and how elitist individuals are forced to become a family and overcome the change from the exotic solitary life of a hitman to the mundane humdrum of being a team player. Along the way there will be lies, tax returns, torture, showreels, gun fights, betrayals and social media marketing.

Venue and date info:
Playing as part of the Season of Bangla Drama @ The Pinter Studio in Queen Mary University
from the 8th to 11th of November 2018


Matthew Ward as BO55

Rachel Dobell as 4UNT1E

Noor D. Night as DELTA

Taj Kandula as KILO

Creative Team

Producer: Kobir A. Forid

Writer Director: Kayser A. Foyz

Blog Post

Sep 18 2018 - One week in and the momentum's building!! Please visit our campaign page and lets get this thing trending! www.indiegogo.com/projects/hitman-inc And while you're there, if this looks like your kinda thing... Please do pledge and get some of our great perks in! Let's get this show on the road!!
Sep 12 2018 - WE ARE LIVE!!!! This is the zaniest thing we've created yet and we want everyone to be a part of it. THAT MEANS YOU! Check out our page, laugh at our embarrassing video, get excited about our cool perks! Please pledge if you can, but most importantly, please share and spread the word!
Sep 12 2018 - 12 hours to go before our crowdfunding launch for our latest stage play Hitman Inc!!! Are you ready for recruitment? Lots of great perks to be had for your pledges and the chance to be part of something truly crazy! Follow us for the launch!
Sep 11 2018 - TWO DAYS TO GO before you get the chance to join an agency of assassins who kill in social media marketing!
Sep 07 2018 - Our big end of the week question before our big crowdfunding launch next week! What if John Wick, Jason Bourne, Leon and Arya Stark worked together in an office? Follow us to watch out for our big crowdfunding launch of Hitman inc!! Have a great weekend!
Sep 04 2018 - Just completed our crowdfunding video.. It was painful being in front of the camera but we enjoyed sharing our story, watch out for our Hitman inc campaign THIS THURSDAY!!!
Aug 27 2018 - Its coming...!!! Our first ever crowdfunding campaign is about to launch next week!
Aug 25 2018 - Our prelaunch campaign teaser is out!! Follow us now and stay up to date on the chance to have your own Hitman name and sketch!
Aug 24 2018 - Meet Triple A. He's the best contract killer in the industry. Why? Because he has Showreel! You can see his showreel in The Hitman Inc. Stage play this November. Follow us to keep yourself updated!
Aug 23 2018 - Website is up! https://www.filim.co.uk/hitman Keep an eye out for regular updates as well as our teaser trailer later this week!
Aug 20 2018 - Great first table read last week. Something electrifying happened with everyone in the room... This one's going to be special!
Aug 17 2018 - Late night prep last night for our table read... I know what you're thinking... is it recycled paper. The answer is yes. #dont ask about the scalpel
July 10 2018 - Do you think #johnwick #jasonbourne #Nikita or #Ghostdog ever had to do their tax returns? New brutally dark comedy is coming to the stage this November.. H1tm4n Inc.
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