H1TM4N INC: Stage play

Hitman Inc.


From the people who brought you Highly Unlikely, Always Unfinished and Truly Untold.

H1TM4N INC: You’ll kill to work here!

A stage show cum TV Pilot, H1TM4N Inc. is the story of a group of assassins forced by legislation to work in an office... Chaos ensues.

“You must market for the kill or be killed by the market!”

Venue and date info:

8th to 11th November 2018

Playing as part of the Season of Bangla Drama @ The Pinter Studio

Arts ONE, Queen Mary University, 339 Mile End Road, London E1 4PA
Doors Open 7pm, show 7.30pm, 70min Length
Tickets: £10/£8 Conc + Eventbrite booking fee


Matthew Ward as BO55

Rachel Dobell as 4UNT1E

Noor D. Night as DELTA

Taj Kandula as KILO

The Filim Company presents H1TM4N INC, the story of how government legislation forced all assassins to work as salaried employees under the umbrella of the Confederation of Contract Killers (C.O.C.K.)

Now they have to contend with sales pitches, social media targets and cold calling, in addition to killing people.

Kayser Foyz, Writer Director:

“Its been an absurd year, so what better way to top it off than getting everyone to come and watch an absurd story and become part of an absurd TV pilot come stage play experiment?”

H1TM4N inc. Looks at the terraforming landscape of work and how elitist individuals in the guise of assassins are forced to become a family to overcome the change from living an exotic solitary lifestyle of a contract killer to the humdrum of being a salaried employee dealing with sales targets, tax returns and social media marketing. The newest recruit, code-name DELTA, released from a maximum security prison facility after five years, finds himself out of place in this new world. With the help of the enigmatic BO55, DELTA is inducted into this new world of Contract Killers. But even a veteran like BO55 is findind running a small business is a challenge. By the end of the day, he will have to deal with betrayal, a computer hack, an intern, a mole, torture, a dead body and the chubby 90’s astrologer, Russell Grant!

Written & Directed by Kayser A. Foyz

Produced by Kobir A. Forid


This was our first crowdfunded campaign and we would like to thank all the people that pledged to our production, your support and belief is what makes all this happen!


Andy Mehta

Aiyaz Ahmed

Mabs Alam

Bubbly Choudhury

Asif Bhatt

Aisha Tyabba Ahmed

Yeasin Ahmed

Hina Bhatt

Fahmida Sumna

Juvoyr Fohim

Muhammad Qaiyum Koyes

Rebecca Kilgarriff

Jean Luc Dieudonne

Yasmin Chowdhury

Daisy Curtis

Charlie Curtis

Heston Photo

Shabna Begum

Sharmin Kamaly

Denisa Gaviria

Jalpesh Thakrar

Mouri Jaman

Abdul Gaffer

Neil Johal

Rokshana Khan

Shah Hoque

Aleya Chowdhury

Alpa Patel

Sarjul Patel

Kazi Ruksana

Lauren Sequeira

Aarti Dilesh

Suhel Ahmed

Paresh Ghandhi

Brandon Vincent

Shumenaz Begum

Shajida Begum

Nasima Ansary

Shah Rahman

Fight Choreography: Aiyaz Ahmed

Lighting Design: Tracey Hammill

Sound Design: Jon Ross

Production Assistants: Sumna Farhana, Mouri Jaman, Yasmin Chowdhury

Backstage Manager: Eloina Haines

Makeup: Hana Makeup

Photography: Seema Khalique, Gaurav Kumar

Online Web and Marketing: Anuwar Parvez

Blog Post

Dec 06 2018 - Wow. That's alot of feedback videos from the four nights! What's the consensus on the future of Hitman Inc? Watch below to find out!
Dec 06 2018 - "You have to market the kill or be killed by the market!" If you missed to catch the show or feel like revisiting your night at the HINC office... Here are the highlights! WARNING: Major Spoiler alert! The Filim Company presents H1TM4N INC, the story of how government legislation forced all assassins to work as salaried employees under the umbrella of the Confederation of Contract Killers (C.O.C.K.) Now they have to contend with sales pitches, social media targets and cold calling, in addition to killing people.
Dec 05 2018 - Finally we'd like to thank Andy and the people at Polyclear for their generation support for our production Hitman Inc. Polyclear is a family run business and one of the countries leaders in polythene film extrusion, printing and conversion based in Southampton. www.polyclear.co.uk
Dec 04 2018 - Always a big thank you to Sajj and @city_and_urban for their continuing support and in helping putting our show Hitman Inc on last month! City and Urban International is an award winning property consultancy with over 50 years experience. From their roots in East London to Dubai and beyond, they'll find a property that's right for you.
Dec 04 2018 - A big thank you to One Carat and Rummel for their support in putting our show Hitman Inc on last month! @one_carat_ are bespoke jewellers in Hatton Garden that pride themselves in helping you create handcrafted jewellery imbued with devotion, affection and precision! Check out their work at www.one-carat.co.uk
Dec 03 2018 - A big thank you to City Realtor and Amina for their support in putting our show Hitman Inc on last month! City Realtor is a family run business with over 25 years experience in the properly market in London and one of the best people to talk to if you're looking for property in east London! Check out their website www.cityrealtor.co.uk
Dec 02 2018 - If you saw the show, then you probably want to see him again! If missed the show, here's your chance to catch the Hitman everyone wants to be... introducing Mr. Triple A.
Nov 30 2018 - Thank you! We'd like to thank all our Indiegogo crowdfunding supporters for believing in us and for showing that belief with their wonderful pledges. Thank you all. It means such a great deal to us and thank you for helping us put on the show! Roll call!(Tag yourself if you're on the list!) Andy Mehta, Aiyaz Ahmed, Mabs Alam, Bubbly Choudhury, Asif Butt, Aisha Tyabba Ahmed, Yeasin Ahmed, Hina Butt, Fahmida Sumna, Juvoyr Fohim, Muhammad Qaiyum Koyes, Rebecca Kilgarriff, Jean Luc Dieudonne, Yasmin Chowdhury, Daisy Curtis, Charlie Curtis, Heston Photo, Shabna Begum, Sharmin Kamaly, Denisa Gaviria, Jalpesh Thakrar, Mouri Jaman, Abdul Gaffer, Neil Johal, Rokshana Khan, Shah Hoque, Aleya Chowdhury, Alpa Patel, Sarjul Patel, Kazi Ruksana, Lauren Sequeira, Aarti Dilesh, Suhel Ahmed, Paresh Ghandhi, Brandon Vincent, Shumenaz Begum, Shajida Ali, Nasima Ansary Shah Rahman
Nov 29 2018 - Here are a few stills from our show earlier this month. It's been a hell of a ride and it's only about to get crazier. Watch out for out video highlights from the show next week as well as the behind the scenes mini doc!
Nov 11 2018 - Last night was our best yet and great responses from the audience... It's the final night!!! Grab your tickets at the door at Pinter Studio in Queen Mary University TONIGHT!
Nov 10 2018 - Wow, packed last night! Here's what the audience thought! Tickets selling on the door at The Pinter Studio at Queen Mary, you really don't want to miss this one!
Nov 10 2018 - Great opening night. It looks like a busy one tonight... last few tickets available at the door, get them before they're gone!!!!
Nov 09 2018 - Great opening night... But don't take our word for it, listen to the audience! Tickets selling on the door at The Pinter Studio at Queen Mary, you really don't want to miss this one!
Nov 09 2018 - Wow... packed opening night!! You still have time... join us!
Nov 08 2018 - We had a very colourful Tech Run earlier today. Only a few hours to go before our opening night!! Are you coming? Last few tickets available at the door!
Nov 08 2018 - It was a crazy pre-tech, Tech day! Starting with very questionable @filimcompany transportation of this amazing door from @nationaltheatrecostumehire ... that place is an aladdins cave (they probably have aladdins actual cave in there too!) The evening ended with our kobir sitting in for our long suffering Traffic Warden... Traffic Warden??? If you want to find out more... book tickets now! Show starts tomorrow!!!
Nov 08 2018 - Last character roll call!!! Meet Lucy, our Intern. She's new to the game and she might not make a great peppermint tea, but she's tenacious and eager to learn and with Echo and Kilo giving her on the job training, there's no telling what she'll one day be capable of! To find out how she fares, book your tickets now!!! Tomorrow's the opening night!
Nov 07 2018 - Character roll call: ECHO! Meet the last word in sales and assassination, as in he will always get the last word in. He's deadly on a phone and could probably sell you the phone your speaking on back to you! The top guy. A new breed of killer... just don't bleed around him. He doesn't like blood. It makes him queezy... Want to see him pitch a client? Book your tickets now!
Nov 06 2018 - Post dress rehearsal fermented vegetable drinks last night at The Wentworth Arms... Are Hitman Inc tickets on your bullseye?
Nov 06 2018 - Character roll call: Kilo! A creature born of violence. But a lady you can depend on when things get messy. She's the fixit agent. She'll make sure a mission is complete... regardless of the body count! Today she has to break a traffic warden that no one believes is a rogue agent. To find out if she's right, book your tickets now!
Nov 05 2018 - Character roll call, meet DELTA. We don't know much about him. He's been 'away' the past five years while the world of assassins changed for the worst. Now he returns to work for his old handler BO55. He was a veteran killer. But today he's a new recruit... will he last the day? Book now to find out!
Nov 04 2018 - We continue our character roll call with 4UNT1E. Her exploits are legendary. She once took out a hotel full of assassins. These days she looks after security for BO55. Whatever you do, don't point a gun at her! She's still as deadly as ever. Book tickets now to meet the best of the best!
Nov 03 2018 - A week to go, so let's start the character roll call! Starting with BO55. The Machiavellian leader of the Agency. He's the man with the plan and he keeps all the secrets you'd kill to find out! Today he has a new recruit, but today someone is not who they say they are... will BO55 find out who, before they steal Russell Grant? Book tickets now to find out!
Nov 02 2018 - Our speed run rehearsal created some interesting humorous results today! This is why we love theatre. The chance to experiment, the chance to discover, the chance to simply play... One more week to go!! If you want to see the results of our madcap adventure in bringing this story to life, book your tickets now!
Nov 01 2018 - Our show programmes have arrived early!!! And they look fantastic. Thank you @helloprintuk for the amazing job on the programmes, posters and leaflets! One week to go!!! Tickets are booking fast! Have you booked yours?
Oct 31 2018 - Great interview with RJ Minhaj at Betar Bangla Radio show for our stage play Hitman Inc Tickets are now booking fast! Book now!! Just over a week to go to watch one of the most absurd shows you'll see this year!!
Oct 28 2018 - Almost time for our slot! Tune on Sky814 Channel S.
Oct 24 2018 - Not long to go. We're laying out the music for the show using our rehearsal footage... apparently the gun helps our editor get into the mood of the show... We're getting worried about everyone getting too into this! Book your tickets now!
Oct 23 2018 - Our leaflets have arrived! And dang they look good! Thank you to @helloprintuk for the super speedy service and delivery! BOOK your tickets now for the show that will change the way you look at work!
Oct 22 2018 - A sneaky teaser image from our Triple-A advert shoot, that will be featuring in our play next month with the mysterious Mr Triple A himself... Who is he? You'll have to come to the show to find out!
Oct 21 2018 - Another gruelling Krav session with the very talented @aiyaztkd75 for the cast of H1TM4N Inc as we get into the final few weeks of the show and start choreography for our big fight scene!
Oct 15 2018 - Sneak peak on our brochure design for the show!! It's all coming together now! Just realised it's been a pretty busy year and this is only the start! Some big news to come soon, for now the clues are in the snapshot!
Oct 11 2018 - Drum roll!!! It's here... the official trailer for our stage play Hitman Inc! And there's 24hours left till the end of our crowdfunding campaign. NOW is the time to act! Click on the link and please pledge! Every little amount is helpful! Thank you and hope you enjoy the trailer!
Oct 11 2018 - Here are some of the amazing shots from our photoshoot last month, as we get to exactly one month to the show!! PLUS, 2 days to go before the end or our crowdfunding campaign!! Please visit our page and if it looks like something you like, then please make a pledge! Any amount however small is massive for us as it means you believe in us! Photocredits @seemakhaliquephotos @gaur4vk makeup @hanamakeupartist
Oct 09 2018 - It's our writer/director Kayser's birthday and we've sneaked in this video to use his 'special day' as a shameless plug for the crowd funding campaign! So let's embarrass him to the fullest and make some pledges, 3 days to go!!
Oct 08 2018 - Today was @aseasonofbangladrama sharing day and a chance for our team to present an excerpt from the play to an audience of our festival peers. The response was a reassuring and resounding round of laughs and lots of questions about the show, which were fielded by our jazz hands director! We also start our countdown to the end of our crowdfunding! If you haven't gone to our page yet, please do!! Check out the link below and get pledging to get some cool perks! You support and belief is what keeps us going!
Oct 06 2018 - We just got our images from our superstar photographer duo from our photoshoot and we are so excited with the images we had to share this one immediately!! The Hitman Inc cast, in all their baddass glory! Thank you to our creative team loads more images to come! And SEVEN days to go to the end of our crowdfunding campaign!!! If you haven't pledged, please do now!!!
Oct 04 2018 - Official Hitman Inc. Trailer edit underway! Watch out next week for the official release!! Also have you pledged for our crowdfunding campaign yet? ONE WEEK TO GO!!! Click below and grab a cool perk!!
Oct 02 2018 - It's been a busy week of rehearsals for Hitman Inc as we all get to grips with taking the words off the page and onto the stage! We're also just over a week left to our crowdfunding deadline!! Please click on the link below to share and pledge and help us get closer to our target!
Sep 22 2018 - Quick pic of our photoshoot yesterday at the theatre. We've got a great cast and we look forward to sharing some amazing pictures soon, thanks the super talented team that is @seemakhaliquephotos and @gaur4vk and @hanamakeupartist
Sep 18 2018 - One week in and the momentum's building!! Please visit our campaign page and lets get this thing trending! www.indiegogo.com/projects/hitman-inc And while you're there, if this looks like your kinda thing... Please do pledge and get some of our great perks in! Let's get this show on the road!!
Sep 12 2018 - WE ARE LIVE!!!! This is the zaniest thing we've created yet and we want everyone to be a part of it. THAT MEANS YOU! Check out our page, laugh at our embarrassing video, get excited about our cool perks! Please pledge if you can, but most importantly, please share and spread the word!
Sep 12 2018 - 12 hours to go before our crowdfunding launch for our latest stage play Hitman Inc!!! Are you ready for recruitment? Lots of great perks to be had for your pledges and the chance to be part of something truly crazy! Follow us for the launch!
Sep 11 2018 - TWO DAYS TO GO before you get the chance to join an agency of assassins who kill in social media marketing!
Sep 07 2018 - Our big end of the week question before our big crowdfunding launch next week! What if John Wick, Jason Bourne, Leon and Arya Stark worked together in an office? Follow us to watch out for our big crowdfunding launch of Hitman inc!! Have a great weekend!
Sep 04 2018 - Just completed our crowdfunding video.. It was painful being in front of the camera but we enjoyed sharing our story, watch out for our Hitman inc campaign THIS THURSDAY!!!
Aug 27 2018 - Its coming...!!! Our first ever crowdfunding campaign is about to launch next week!
Aug 25 2018 - Our prelaunch campaign teaser is out!! Follow us now and stay up to date on the chance to have your own Hitman name and sketch!
Aug 24 2018 - Meet Triple A. He's the best contract killer in the industry. Why? Because he has Showreel! You can see his showreel in The Hitman Inc. Stage play this November. Follow us to keep yourself updated!
Aug 23 2018 - Website is up! https://www.filim.co.uk/hitman Keep an eye out for regular updates as well as our teaser trailer later this week!
Aug 20 2018 - Great first table read last week. Something electrifying happened with everyone in the room... This one's going to be special!
Aug 17 2018 - Late night prep last night for our table read... I know what you're thinking... is it recycled paper. The answer is yes. #dont ask about the scalpel
July 10 2018 - Do you think #johnwick #jasonbourne #Nikita or #Ghostdog ever had to do their tax returns? New brutally dark comedy is coming to the stage this November.. H1tm4n Inc.
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