“Applause” is a short film following the journey of an ageing chat show host as he struggles with the realities of retirement and a new life out of the spotlight. Along the way, he discovers the extraordinary in the ordinary, everyday people that he encounters, and creates his own version of a chat show that celebrates the simple joy of human connection and the power of laughter.

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Sep 22, 2016 - Festival no.11 for "Applause"! Delighted to be part of the Kiwi International Film Fest!
Aug 25, 2016 - That time of the afternoon when you need a drink to wake yourself up and ask if anyone else wants one and they all say yes... Doh!
Aug 16, 2016 - Sometimes indie filmmaking is a test of faith more than anything else; and getting our short film "Shadow" completed is testing our resolve more than any of our projects so far! Still, it's great experience for us as perpetual students of film making, with our core production team learning all about many different elements of film magic that we probably wouldn't have made ourselves learn without an extra push! Helping us to keep on believing in the face of it all... Another festival acceptance for our underdog of a film in 2015 - "Applause"! Delighted to have our little movie accepted as part of the Creation International Film Festival! We're on 9 - we hope to make it 10 sooner rather than later so we can enjoy updating the poster with a few more laurels! :-)
Jul 27, 2016 - With "Shadow" in it's final stages of post production (soon to be with our favourite sound SME for a final mix!), "Truly Untold" in the essential casting stages (there is so much talent out there!), and a business to run so we can all afford to eat (and pay the Man!), it's all a bit manic here at Filim..! Not that we'd have it any other way, but there's nothing like a little boost to keep us all going through the madness and occasional crisis of faith..... Delighted that our 2015 short film, "Applause" has been accepted into it's 8th festival! Well done and thank you to the wonderful cast and crew who gifted us with their creative energy and made this underdog of a movie a quiet success!
Apr 01, 2016 - The first rough cut of shadow is in! Now comes the difficult part... Meanwhile, our little movie "Applause" from last year has earned another laurel from another festival... The DSOFF - The Direct Short Online Film Festival! Great to be part of such an international line-up of short films!
Mar 23, 2016 - Doing the fun stuff as we design our title sequence for "Shadow"! In the meantime, "Applause" has been accepted into another festival! This time it's TOFF - The Online Film Festival! Delighted to be part of this celebration of independent filmmaking!
Mar 01, 2016 - While we're full throttle in post-production of our latest short film 'Shadow', last year's short film "Applause" gathers traction as it is accepted for another festival, this time the DMOFF! Well done again team!
Feb 08, 2016 - "Applause" has been accepted at the LA CineFest!!! What an AWESOME way to kick off the week! Well done & thank you to the production team and cast for doing such amazing work on the project!
Dec 10, 2015 - There's a buzz around the office today as we get ready for the screening of "Applause" - our short film of 2015! In true filim style, it's home cooked Xmas catering all the way! Prep kicked off last night and we're all saving our appetites to get stuck in this evening!
Nov 02, 2015 - We've been so busy here at the studio that we realised we had forgotten to announce something pretty damn important! We've officially locked the edit on our 2015 short film, "Applause" IMDb and are releasing it on December 11th, 2015! Woohoo! Look out for more details over the next few weeks!
Aug 14, 2015 - Post - production on "Applause" continues with some major grading decisions (& a bag of Prawn Crackers!)
Aug 10, 2015 - And....."Applause" is out for scoring - can't wait to hear what our composer Panos Amelides comes up with! Exciting times!
Aug 3, 2015 - "Applause" first edit complete!Woohoo! All on schedule for completion on September 1st!
July 27, 2015 - Successful day of pick-ups on Saturday for "Applause"! In true Filim fashion... We celebrated with an old school, auto timed group photo! Thank you to our wonderful cast & crew for their great work
July 13, 2015 - As we kick off our first day of post -production on our 2015 short film "Applause", we officially kick off pre - production on our 2015 stage play, Always Unfinished! As with all Filim projects, we kick off with a concept sketch!
July 11, 2015 - That's a wrap!!! Principal Photography complete for "Applause"... And in celebration, an old auto-timed photograph!
July 8, 2015 - On location. Tech crew getting ready while making damn sure the high quality carpet is kept immaculate.
We're looking for a make-up artist for "APPLAUSE" our upcoming short film next month. Dates required will be July 8th and July 10th-13th. This will be expenses (plus filim's famous catering) only. A great opportunity if you have experience in weddings or fashion and want to cut your teeth in movie make up. If interested please drop us an email on by Friday 26th June.
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