About Us

Welcome to the filim company.

Now, stories have been told in many shapes and forms from the beginning of time, when all you had was a big bearded fellow throwing his arms around a campfire weaving stories of love, romance and adventure.

As time went on, humans learnt to document stories on paper, and people with a talent for visual expression began to tell their stories through paintings. Those with a more literary bent began to write their stories in manuscripts and books, which were then translated into live performance. Now, stories are shared on the screen as well as all through all of those other wonderful, traditional mediums.

We’re big fans of storytelling in all its traditions; writing, drawing, live performance and film. Telling stories, in all forms, is our thing.

We’ve spent the last 13 years doing everything from corporate videos, to adverts, to showreels. Now we’re using all the experience we’ve gained to create and tell stories that will excite, energise, and inspire you.

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